• JONILINE Royal placenta hair lotion & treatment

    BOX 12 ampoules
    A new innovative trichological treatment, a hair
    strengthening formula that puts together the best
    ingredients for controlling hair loss and fortifying skin
    and scalp. Selected active principles penetrate deeply
    by filling-in and strengthening weakened hair shafts
    and roots. Royal jelly and placental protein extracts
    pamper and revive weak lifeless and treated hair. Aloe
    Vera and mineral extracts stimulate the scalp , help
    balance and regulate skin. Hydrolized silk protein
    protects and maintains a healthy, glowing hair.
    Provitamin B5 is a natural healing and conditioning
    agent for skin disorders and provides natural
    moisturization, flexibility and thickening of individual
    fibers. Use after shampooing. To leave in without
    rinsing off.

    JONILINE Royal placenta hair lotion & treatment